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Part III: The next level

Scalability and performance

Methods that don't scale or fit the required performance can kill an AI project. Scalability and speed must be taken into account from the start when it comes to the choice or design of an algorithm. Scalability is typically achieved by distributing the computational load on a cloud server. Speed gains can be achieved in a number of ways:


Using secure servers or processing data on the user's device are certainly useful when it comes to confidential data. It is also possible to process encoded data. Homomorphic encryption is an interesting new technology.

Consider a DNA test for example. Imagine a patient who does not want that their data is shared outside of their local medical institution. At the same time, many companies with different technologies are able to interpret a DNA sequence and associate it with different risks. Using homomorphic enryption, the DNA of the patient could be encrypted by the local medical institution, processed (encrypted) by a foreign company, and the result which is encrypted can then only by decrypted using the key that only the patient has access to.

Future proof implementations

A well-architectured and documented software is important in any IT project. For your AI project, you want to additionally consider: When designing the system, take into account what is likely to become better and focus on solving essential problems or parts that general research will not deal with.

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